LONERWOLF: “7 Gut Instincts You Should NEVER Ignore”

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In order to fulfill your spiritual purpose in this life, you’ve got to walk the path less traveled.

And to walk the path less traveled, you have to embrace your inner wolf.

It is your inner wolf that will guard, guide, and protect you with courage, integrity, and intelligence.

But here’s the thing: in order to embrace your inner wolf, you’ve got to listen to your gut instinct.

The problem is that our gut instincts are often polluted by fears, prejudice, and mental clutter.

In this article, I want to share with you the seven gut instincts you should never ignore. You’ll also learn how to differentiate the voice of fear from the voice of primal wisdom.

What is the Gut Instinct? 

Your gut instinct is the physical reaction you have to the world around and inside of you.

When you experience an overwhelming “gut feeling,” your body is carrying…

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Angelic Number Frequencies Help Integrate The New Light Codes

New Beginnings Guatemala

Dear Friends,
yesterday morning when I got up to start my day, I had a very intense and pushy experience with the angelic number 2222. I could not make a move around my property as well as outside of it, without the number immediately popping up somewhere. So I tuned in and its a frequency that is highly potent in the collective of humanity right now. Hope you will also take the chance to check in and check it out!! There is lots we can gain this year by studying the vibrations of the angelic realms. Wishing you all lots of fun!

The Angelic Number Frequency: 2222
Angel Number 2222 is a particularly powerful and intense number sequence, for caring the quadruple impact of the same number. In this moment of development on our wonderful planet, this completed, harmonious and especially balanced number, is a wake-up call to clearly act…

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Are we really ready for 2019? For the approach of Saturn to Pluto in Capricorn? —

Blue Dragon Journal

Saturn, now sitting at 13° Capricorn, only seven degrees from Pluto at 21° Capricorn, is gradually shoving our collective face in our collective deep shit over and over, deeper and deeper, as this revelatory year wears on. Or should I say marches on? It’s only mid-January, and I’m already exhausted! And yet it just keeps…

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Stepping Into The Wormhole Between Who You Were & Who You Are Becoming

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Devon Heart Star

A cycle has come to an end. There is a sense of release that brings with it both the excitement of the newness coming and the grief of letting go of a trusted way of being. There’s a layering of parts of ourselves creating a beautiful kaleidoscope of interweaving feelings and an urgency to express them. There’s a groundlessness that is both thrilling and petrifying as we step into this wormhole between the worlds of who we were and of who we are becoming.

We are promised a New Dawn, New Beginnings, yet with that promise of the freshness of new, also comes the fears, insecurities, the reality of loss, and the parts of us still clinging to the old. There are parts of us who want to jump head-first into all this life has to offer and put in one hundred percent to the thriving…

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When You Don’t Want To Go ‘There’, ‘There’ Is Where You Need To Go

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

When you don’t want to go ‘there’, ‘there’ is where you need to go.

There are times when you can feel that resistance inside. You could be talking with a friend, a loved one, or a healer, and the words “I don’t want to go there” or “I am not ready to go there” come streaming out. The question arises….where is the ‘there’ you don’t want to go to?

In my own process and in my sessions with others, there have been these very poignant moments. The ‘There’ is like a precipice. A cliff that looks down into what appears to be an abyss. The ‘There’ is a very sacred yet scary place. It represents a Pandora’s Box of so much pain and fear. The Higher Self brings us to these places as It knows that there is healing in those places. It lives on the other side of the…

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There is a need to stop all the busyness, all the trying to achieve,
Trying to understand
All the noise within and without
And reach stillness
– – – – – –
Deep breathing
Zooming out
Or rather zooming in
Reaching that Quiet
Where there is Peace
The Peace of the Creator
The Peace of your Soul
Go there now
Or as soon as you have a moment.
Within this stillness
You begin to understand
That there is so much possibility
As soon as you let everything go
This quiet lets you know
That even if you dont see it all at the moment
Everything is actually ok
Despite what it may seem within the chaos going around you or even seemingly inside you
For deep down inside
There is a Knowing
There is a Glowing
A flickering Light
That does not subside
This is your Flame

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16 January 2019 Event Horizon — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Blue Dragon Journal

You know where you’re going, right? Have you looked behind yourself? Because there’s this big, shiny vortex, a part of the past, that’s exerting an amazing pull–and you may have become so used to it that you barely notice. Now’s the time to free yourself, and you do it by listening to your instincts, acknowledging […]

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