The New Year Ahead!

Divinity In Us Blog - by Gabriel F. Duran

The culmination of another year has occurred. This means that the transition is moving ahead, into our new timelines/year. And as we all transition, we all also transform ourselves anew. Dawning more of who we are, which is ever Divine Luminous Beings of Light. Immortal Spiritual Beings, or ISBE’s, if you will.  

The truth of what we have and continue to hold onto, will continue to be brought forward. So that we may transform and/or transmute and transcend anything we have held that no longer serves. Which affords us great opportunity to realize that much that has caused us “grief”, so to speak, has been false beliefs and/or definitions that we have either held about/concerning ourselves and/or perhaps others.

Now! The amount of Light we have been able to embody, as we release ourselves from all manner of “limitations” has been steadily increased at record pace, throughout the past…

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Author: dreamweaver333

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