Stillness In The Storm – 9 Strange Things That Affect Spiritually Gifted People

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Stillness In The Storm

(Stillness in the Storm Editor)Spiritually gifted people sounds like there are those who have it and those that don’t. But this isn’t the case. Spiritual gifts are not given to us for nothing, we’re not born with them in an active state. We have to develop them. Spiritual gifts are our personality potentials, they come alive inside us when we’re in certain situations and we choose, of our own free will, to step forward and grow.

For example, maybe you’ve always thought of yourself as someone who hates kids. You just can’t stand them. But one day, you see a child being taken by a strange woman. She just doesn’t feel right and you have this flash of thought appear in your mind, you feel the drive to go do something. You stop the woman and ask if everything is OK. But it clearly isn’t…

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