Nature Walks – Winter Marsh, 12.27.18

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Nature Walks – Winter Marsh, 12.27.18

For the first time in a couple of months, I made my way to Green Cay Wetlands to view the birds and gators.  I was lucky to see two gators (love is in the air!) and several birds.  The birds were very busy doing bird things, looking for their next meal in the muddy marsh so weren’t easy to view or photograph today.

The snowbirds and vacationers are present, as well, with more cars in the parking lot, which is huge.  Occasionally the boardwalk was like playing bumper cars, but it wasn’t too bad today.

The title photo was taken at sunrise earlier in December, pointing east.   Here are some photos from the marshes today:


DSCN6496 Grooming Teal. The “green” is actually a beautiful teal color; just doesn’t translate onto film.


DSCN6507 Gator couple. The one in the upper left is the male. That’s one BIG…

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