Kp Message 12-25-18… “Clarity of Purpose”… “BEing the I AM” (or something like that)

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The clarity of purpose, which comes as we move along this planetary path, sometimes does not happen “overnight” (at least, from my viewpoint). Yet it often comes instantaneously, in a microsecond, as a “Flash of Knowing”… and I mean, “Knowing“… not “intellectualizing” or “evaluating” or “weighing the “options”… NONE of those.

At this moment, I am not involved in any “brain-centered” or “intellect-centered” or “emotional-centered” guidance… all those are “guidance with small ‘g'”. Generally, I only use those when figuring out or evaluating 3D stuff. That’s it.

The brain is a tool. The intellect is a tool. The emotions are a tool. They may all be helpful, but they are not part of a “Higher Guidance” scenario, and for myself, at least, they play no role whatsoever in any “Higher Decisions” which are mine to make.

Most people who read this blog will understand this. And to me…

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