GaiaPortal 12-25-18… “Emeraldics glisten in the Galactic skies”

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This is the first GaiaPortal message in 11 days. And interesting how it came through at 0011 HST.

Feral means ” Existing in a wild or untamed state”. So perhaps the Cosmic energies are helping us to clear the untamed aspects of “ego humanity” prior to the “Luminaries” (Higher Self, perhaps?) enter Gaia.

Perhaps some can “get” the meaning for the word, “Emeraldic” in this one. But it sounds wonderfully “greening” (more about “emerald“).


Emeraldics glisten in the Galactic skies

Emeraldics glisten in the Galactic skies.

Feral aspects are cleared.

Luminaries enter the Gaia field.

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