The Kali Effect: Volcanos, Earthquakes,Tsunami



The moment we emerge from the 12:21 Gateway of Goddess Kali/ Dragon/ Phoenix Energies ,( check link below) Gaia’s transformation begins with fire/ volcanos, earthquakes, tsunami.

We are / will be feeling the Fires of Kali/ Sekhmet/ Dragon transformation/ Phoenix Resurrection keenly Now.

The Mighty Shiva is the Maha Kal ( keeper of Kal or Time ) and his Divine Counterpart is the Maha Kali.”Mahakal is a precept and Mahakali is the power that manifests this potential in action”.

We are in END TIMES. The Old and Toxic will be burned to make way for the New. And it is the Maha Kal and The Maha Kali that wield this Power, this responsibility…of reducing the Old to ashes ,for the New Age to Arise.

Holding Gaia in Golden Violet Light for Transformation and Transmutation with Ease and Grace.

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Devyani Singh ~Sa Kei Na

For one…

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