A “Night Before Christmas” poem for LIGHTWORKERS by Matt Kahn

Angel 4 Light

Message from Matt Kahn

Source: Matt Kahn

In your new spiritual paradigm, the aim is to be open, loving, and positive without looking away from the hardships of life. In order to be this surrendered into love, it is so crucial to not put so much pressure on you, as if the fate of the entire world rests solely on your shoulders. Yes, you are an empath and all the patterns you are healing within yourself physically, emotionally, and energetically are equally contributing towards the tipping point of awakening the consciousness of humanity. And yet, you don’t have to hold your breath until the world wakes up or wait for some auspicious sign from the Universe to give yourself permission to live your most miraculous life.
It is simply your desire for a more miraculously-flowing, passion-filled reality that opens up pathways within you to bring you all the joy, excitement…

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