JESUS – Remember, you are LOVE! – 12-21-18 – by John Smallman

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Jesus Audio Blog for Friday December 21st

Christmas day, my birthday, is approaching rapidly, so


Enormous changes are occurring all across the planet as the moment of your awakening approaches. And that is reason for celebration. Yes, there are many who are in pain, and many who are suffering, and a very effective way to assist and support them is to set the intention to send them love and healing. For many of you that is the most effective thing you can do because you are not physically in their presence. If you are in a position where you can be physically present for someone who is in pain and is suffering,andyour intuitive guidance is to attend to them, then do so, even if you fear doing this. Fear is of the ego, so tell it that you understand its concern and that you know that…

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