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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, so much in the world at large today emphasizes how you are supposed to change right and left. This is with the idea of getting ahead. I am all for progress, and for you to progress to your heart’s content, yet must you have to have a total makeover and become someone else in order to become what you most want to be?

Must you have financial success? Romantic success? Marital success, etc.? Be a phenomenal artist and play the banjo to the delight of all who hear you play? What resounding applause!

Must you be size 4? What’s wrong with you as you are? Perhaps habits of thinking. Perhaps lack of belief in yourself holds you back from stardom. You may have the idea that as you are isn’t good enough. Maybe what you feel is a lack of drive.

It’s also possible you don’t know…

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