Solstice Full Moon in Cancer. Ursid Meteor Shower ~ Dancing with Empowerment.

Monika Carless Author *Intuitive Coach

Wild Ones, the year draws to a close shortly, under the last Full Moon in Cancer, while we celebrate the holy days of Solstice and Yule.

I have a deep, warm space in my heart for this Pagan holiday, it takes us from the depths of our darkness to  awakening into possibility.

I love the embrace of darker colors, nourishing foods, the company, the glittering lights and the scents of forest and spice-laden baking.

Although I crave the darker days of winter, by Solstice my soul is already stirring, seeking those first rays of light.

Some of you may be celebrating Summer Solstice, and if you are, you will be spiraling the other way, towards darker days. Either way, we are creatures of continual  ebb and flow, always turning with the sun.

Our internal sun rises and sets in a similar fashion, each day, month and year.

This moon is…

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