The Solstice Energy’s Pulling Us Up ~ December 20, 2018

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By: Lisa Gawlas


We finally got a little preview/understanding about the solstice energies. Like I have been saying, I have never seen the absence of them in readings this close to the event itself, until now. In my morning pondering and some of the (non) reading, about why, I finally got a glimpse of understanding.

For the life of me, I cannot remember which is which, I swear that remembering has been wiped from my memory bank, but, one set (solstice/equinox) is usually pulling energies into your center, the other releasing the. One is gold (spiritual energy) the other silver (earth energy.) This has been a constant for 15 years of readings. Not no mo’

I could see the intake and release of both the silver and gold energy, as if the inhale and exhale were happening simultaneously. Thru the readings, I could see that these solstice energies were…

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