Kp Message 12-21-18… “Feeling generally ‘better'”

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I’m feeling generally “better”, physically, but I still have some coughing and a tiredness that has been around for the past week. I have received excellent help, but at the moment I’ve asked all “outsider” helpers to please step back and allow my Higher Spirit (Higher BEing) to finish the healing.

What this whole “sickness” affair is about I’m not completely sure, but I do know many others around here that have had the coughing issue. Certainly the planet is undergoing major “cleansings” at this time, so perhaps that’s related to it.

I know for certain that the Life Path I’ve been on is changing, significantly, but it has not yet fully commenced. The Universe knows the timing.

I’m likely to be posting less over the next few days, or only occasionally. I intend to let the body tell me what it is willing to do. I am not going…

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