Messengers of freedom

Coming Home

When another forces their energy and agenda onto us, even as we stay in centre, it feels a violation.
When we allow ourselves to be pushed beyond what is in alignment for our system, it’s violence.

I am feeling grief for the ways I have been less than true to my own Self;
where I have betrayed myself through over trusting others; where I have moved out of balance into trying to bring any agenda to another; for not admitting the evidence of someone’s  orientation in relation to their personal self because I so adore their essence.

The expressions of these patterns may be more subtle as we grow and re-member who we actually are but, like trails of cloud, they are wistful, haunting, beautiful messengers of freedom, pointing to the vast starry sky.

These are the times of greater birthing of freedom. Look to the stars, as citadels crumble…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.