A Bridge To The SOULstice: Feeling And Truth On The Altar Of Your Inner Church

SoulFullHeart Experience

The more I connect with this coming solstice the more I feel its significance for all of us individually and as a collective. We are being invited to get real with ourselves about what is true for us in all domains of our lives. This can trigger much upheaval in our being that can be filled with anxiety, loss, loneliness, and fear.

The overlay of the 3D relationship to the season can create dissonance with what is truly moving in the Heart. It can even create a blind spot which isn’t fully felt until after the holidays have passed. Yet, right NOW your soul is rumbling. Right NOW your heart is aching and yearning. The body is reacting and resisting. Christmas shopping be damned!

What is real is your reality. That which is denied its truth WILL find its way, one way or another. Our pain and suffering ultimately don’t…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.