Ascension Finds Expression Through The Lower Three Chakras

Galactic Heritage Reconnection by Margot Laird

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I`m noticing lovely upgrades happening for the lower three Chakras since the brand new Angelic Frequency became available during the recent Triple 11 Gateway on the 11th of November 2018.  This Healing work on the lower Chakras – the Base, the Sacral and Solar Plexus – is serving to create coherence between all seven of the major Chakras and a unified, compatible vibration between the higher four Chakras and the lower three.  The whole Chakra system then operates at an elevated vibratory rate and holds the resonance of healthier, empowered connection.

The lower three Chakras have a big part to play in this time of shift and change in the post-2012 New Earth as the high-frequency Light and new, advanced, crystal intelligence ground through the Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base to find their true expression in the physical.  These three energy centers essentially govern our instinctual responses…

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