Mechanics of Positive and Negative Energy

Divinity In Us Blog - by Gabriel F. Duran

The differences in energy and frequency are very obvious when we look at what is perceived as “negative” and what is perceived as “positive”. For when we dissect these “attributes” we readily see where the differences are. And this allows us to chose the reality that we prefer.

When we look at “negative” energy. We see that this has an attribute of separation, exclusion, isolation, disconnection and so forth. Whenever we see examples of “negative” groups, we see that they are always looking to “overthrow” the competing party. This also carries the energy of “scarcity”, as the “divisions” of hierarchy occur.

Thus, competition and the desire to “eliminate” the opposition are prevalent at all times in “negatively” expressed energy. Which requires the need to “segregate” and “separate” or “compartmentalize”, in order to “control”. As these are the means of “manipulation” that bring about the “divide and conquer”, mentality.

And in…

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