Heaven’s Window is Through Your Heart – Sundeelia

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Music:  Heaven’s Window – Peter Kater

Heaven’s Window is Through Your Heart – Sundeelia

This afternoon I slept for five hours.  I suppose I have one of my winter fevers.  And am in need of some peaceful music.  Despite being an observer here, I have found my own nerves on edge due to all the uncertainty your world is experiencing here now.

Be at peace, dear ones.  The love of Mother/Father God is eternal.  You are safe.  You are loved.  You can find great strength within any time you let go of trying to find a savior from outside of yourself.

No matter if you lose your physical vehicle during these times, you will live, again.  I know as I walk through my past lifetimes in the Sirian and Pleiadian star systems.  My lives have intersected time and time again with those whom I love.

As we suffer, we grow…

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