Archangel Gabriel ~ The Power of Accepting What Is ~ December 6, 2018

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A message from Archangel Gabriel By Shanta Gabriel 

Accept what is and allow change to occur around you without attachment

I have noticed that when I am in judgment about “what is” and resisting my present reality, it causes extreme stress in my physical and emotional bodies.

It is the awareness of my stress level that finally pushes me to remember that my state will not change for the better until I release the clutches of that part of me trying to control things. I can then focus my attention on what I really intend to experience in my life and trust the Universe will provide whatever is in the forefront of my attention.

Sometimes this process seems easier than at other times…

I remember receiving this message and especially the difficulties I experienced with the concept, “accept what is.”

How could I even consider accepting the horrendous and traumatic…

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