Angelic Guidance To Lead Us Through The Sagittarius New Moon Field

New Beginnings Guatemala

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
in my last post I shared with you insides about the spiritual influence of todays New Moon in Sagittarius. It is a truly wonderful time for us to be on planet earth right now, and to take part in the manifestation of the so passionately desired Golden Age of Aquarius. The Angelic Realms are highly active for us these days, guiding our fire enforced steps in the collectively right direction. In order to help us navigate this New Moon field, they have again send some powerful angelic number sequences.   

Here are the Angelic Numbers most vivid right now:
Angel Number 228:

This Angel Number is bringing gentle whispers to our ears, that we are ready to make another leap of faith into the unknown. We have gained the wisdom it takes to pass another gateway of initiation, into higher levels of awareness and…

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