The Diamond-Angelic Double Act : Heart-Mind Healing For 2019 And Beyond

Galactic Heritage Reconnection by Margot Laird

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Two New, Superior Energy Signatures For Mastery And Freedom

Brand new, very high-frequency Light codes became available to us during the recent and rare Triple 11 Gateway on the 11th of November 2018.  These new Light frequencies, intrinsically Angelic, represent an advanced crystalline intelligence and I`m super-excited to be working with them.  I`ve been amazed at how quickly they have asserted their loving presence and effect during my Healing sessions, and they have come through now to fulfil a very specific purpose at this stage of our evolution.

I have the clear sense that this new Angelic Frequency has become available at this time specifically to heal relationship, both with the internal and with the external as it works to strengthen and elevate the Heart-Mind connection while Earth and humanity navigate the imminent next level of shift and growth in the post-2012 New Earth.  The…

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