Kp Message 12-5-18… “Being at One with it…”

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Not sure what this message is supposed to be about, but we’ll see as it comes through the fingers here.

Finishing up from a horizontal position now, I was earlier at Hapuna Beach and in the ocean in some pretty large waves, catching a couple, but mainly having some fun with them.

I find that it is most important to BE at one with the ocean, at one with the waves… Which means releasing all fear… of the ocean, of the waves, and of having fun with the waves. That’s when it feels most “right” to me. And that’s the way it was today.

And all parts of my BEingness were “young”… with no age numbers attached to anything. That’s the way I feel life is intended to be…. a continual process of “youth-anizing”.

The process the planet is in today… that, too, can be viewed the same way. Enjoy…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.