Kp Message 12-5-18… “Essential elements of today are being taken care of”

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Essential elements of today are being taken care of. That appears to be what is mine to “do”. Most of it is “apparently outer” type things, but in the end, as I’ve mentioned before, it appears to all be a part of “completing cycles”.

I’m sure many I are in the same place, and it is that time.

Meanwhile, Trump and the Alliance are taking steps to complete their own mission(s) here, one of which is to be sure all in the deep state (including the msm and all who live by watching them) have plenty to “freak out” about.

Speaking of which, I have to say that one must be fully awake (and un-msm-brainwashed) to view the immense “positive for the planet” items which are coming as a result of Trump and the Alliance coming in to the USA leadership roles.

I certainly would not be (able, qualified, willing)…

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