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Yesterday, was one of those awesome days. Willem finally, listened, to his Intuition, and quit working for a toxic boss, which meant, we could go on an adventure, for his 49th Birthday, yay!

Since Chapmans Peak, is 20 minutes away from our home, we drove through Chapmans Peak, to have lunch at the Hout Bay Manor, overall, it was an awesome, flowing, synchronised, sunny, blue skies day.

I love it when, everything flows, I call it a Champagne day, perfect blue skies, no wind, happy clouds, and perfect conditions, for something amazing!

We enjoyed the day so much!  it was awesome.

Today, we yet another day, filled with magic. I did yoga and reiki at sunrise, watching the sky, turn from pink to peach, I love listening to the waves, I can’t wait to wake up at night, to hear the waves.

I feel as if, I have waited all…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.