Kp Message 12-1-18… “Releasing… Clearing… Completing”

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My body appears to have passed through a short period of extreme “tiredness”, and possibly “flu-ness” (or “who-the-h-cares-what-it-is-ness”), but it is passing, and the mocha yesterday at KC&T definitely helped. I’m sure many bodies are going through “stuff” right now, as incoming Cosmic and Solar energies increase and are received by our continuously-upgrading bodies. All part of the Ascension process, I presume.

There’s a lot that is being released right now, by many, I sense… and certainly, at least, in my world. And it goes through into the physical, emotional, spiritual, and Cosmic, as well.

Personally, I’m finding many things that I know are mine to release, like things, and other things, and stuff, and other kinds of stuff. I appear to be going in a direction where only the very most “essential” items (whatever that means) are going to be retained. This feels like a rather “massive” release, and…

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