2019 Year of the Gathering – via Walking In Both Worlds – 12-1-18

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2019 will bring Soul Family reunions, in some pretty unexpected ways. The Tribes are gathering to prepare for our journey of the next decade, which begins with our First Steps in 2020, to live in a whole new way on Earth. It’s time to do this thing we came here for, and being surrounded by soul family will make it possible.

Not all the uniting will be in physical proximity. Online activity will increase, for the sharing of support and ideas among like minds. Still, there will be more relocation than we think. It could take the form of moving for a job, or a refugee escape, or anything in between. We are definitely being placed like chess pieces. This is a good thing, even if change can be challenging.

Think of 2019 as a dance with the Divine. Both partners have to do their part, but…

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