Have You Learned to Master Your eMOTIONS Yet?

Tiffany Stiles

Dear Beautiful Souls,

As HUmans we chose to incarnate into 3D for many reasons, one to learn how to MASTER our eMOTIONS. And this is a HUGE ONE! To feel all and experience All Emotions to learn how each has an energetic component that CREATES our reality. Emotions carry light encoded energy within which links up to the old Earth 3D grid, or the New Earth crystalline grid.

Think of an emotion as a broadcasted energy signature of light encoded information carried on the photonic light spectrum that is sent out into the Universe. It is searching for its “Like” frequency to match up to. Like only attracts like. YOU are the transmitter of the emotional frequency. It has no choice but to connect with its like photon, which connects to a holographic matrix program, and all others who play on this program too. You can think of this as…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.