Erin Pavlina – Aligning With Your Higher Self’s Intentions

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Before you incarnated, your higher self had an intention. And you got sent here with that intention coded into your spiritual DNA.

When you align yourself with that intention and begin following its path, you will get massive amounts of support and help from the universe.

Resources, opportunities, lucky breaks, synchronistic meetings, and coincidences will abound in your life.

That’s because the moment you turn towards the path of intention, you ignite. You are on spiritual fire! It’s like lighting a rocket.

When you are going down a path that is not aligned with your intention, your spirit guides have to expend a lot of energy trying to get you moving onto a different path. There are blocks, bad breaks, unfortunate incidences. You are beset and besieged by bad luck. It’s no fun. You start to feel like you’re rowing against the current.

But when you connect…

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