Vera Ingeborg: The Power of US – Shared Essence ~ November 24, 2018

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We have gone through another round of coming closer to ourselves. Each time these waves happen, we can see a certain pattern in them. First, there are triggers, those situations and people that kick you into challenging your own truth. It is like a sparring for empowerment. Are we still busy with the outside reality as it plays out, or do we take responsibility for our own (collective) creation. Are we going to evolve, or repeat.


Each time these waves build up, you can see how the messages and posts and information around you builds up: The Event is coming, Extraterrestrials are coming to save us, the money system is breaking down, the moon needs to be shut down, the 5G network is going to kill us all if Monsanto cancer doesn’t do the job, Trump has…

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