Soul Sister Truth – Energy Update – 11-24-18 – Huge Wave Has Arrived and We All Are Going To Feel It

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We have a huge wave coming in right now. I can hear energy all the time now. It has been at a low constant hum all day. About a half hour ago (9:30pm EST), I heard it increase substantially. It is now a high pitched frequency that is the highest I have heard since I started hearing last weekend. This isn’t in an ear. This is my whole head ringing. It went from the middle to the right side of my head and is staying there right now. It was going to the pituitary gland causing drainage from sinuses that can make the throat sore and scratchy. You could also have a headache, feel sore on your shoulders and upper back, and even pressure from the energy. You can also get very hot from the energy.

This energy the collective will…

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