Kp Message 11-25-18… “Flowing Freely” (Energetically, that is)

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Feeling the desire to express a few things.

Very important that the Inner Flow of Energy is allowed to flow freely into the outer. That’s why I’m not into making appointments, setting dates and times for this or that, following a “set” pattern for living on a day to day. The flow is the deal… at least for myself.

Currently there’s a lot being “wrapped up”, personally and with many I know and all around the planet. There is definitely a “completing of cycles”, for many. Including myself. Things that are to be “done” seem to center around that.

Current awareness is that we are not to carry any of the old paradigm phase into the next phase. Very important.

That’s why the “free flow” of energy is, to me, very very important.

If this “hits” that’s fine. If not that’s fine.

Enjoy the ride. Stay free from fear and…

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