Arcturian Department of Technology – Galactic Confederation For Immediate Information – 11-20-18

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A High Command of the Galactic Confederation, the Arcturian Department of Technology, is contacting major technology companies on the Planet to make immediate adjustments to their way of working and delivering products to Human Beings.

The Arcturian Department of the Confederation is delivering a Special Protocol and requesting immediate technological update, all spies microchips placed on all electronic devices must be removed, as well as other small devices that “block” the good functioning of the Chakras as well as induce low frequencies of vibration.

These devices are programmed so that when the being is raising his amorous vibration a lot, it emits a warning signal, which is sent to a quantum computer that projects scalar waves into that being, so that it again lowers his vibration.

Obviously, when one holds tight to Love, these microchips and devices are automatically burned.


Immediate Information From The Arcturian Department Of Technology

The idea…

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