DIANE CANFIELD – Light Body Structure is being Activated Now by Higher Consciousness – Divine Feminine Steps Into Her Role 11-19-18

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Blessings Beloveds,

Today I want to talk about the Light Body and how it is activated and what is the process of activation. The Light Body is the structure that we take with us to the New Earth. We can not transport in our 3D bodies as they are too dense and of a 3D composition. I found out in 2013 when I had my Near Ascension Experience what it feels like to embody the realms of 5D and above. I can testify, from my own direct experience they oscillate at a much higher pace.I was at this pace for a full 2 weeks after this event took place for me, which shows the final ascension shift can happen at any moment.

Some history first- we are not the first civilization to morph into the light body, there have been many civilizations before us that have gone through…

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