21 Reasons Why Being Alone is Great

Heal YourSelf by Nourishing Your Mind, Body & Spirit

You guys seemed to love my last week’s post on Why loneliness is a blessing especially in a spiritual path… so i decided to post another on the topic 🙂

I am tired of people thinking that being alone means you are lonely, or weird or antisocial. For e personally, I just like my own company and to be honest I rather be alone than surround myself with people I don’t have a strong bond with! or those who can’t stand their own company so they constantly distracting themselves, something I am avoiding to do myself…

So to all those loners out there, this is for you! don’t let anyone tell you that you’re weird or lonely, or make you feel ashamed for spending so much time alone! For many of you, you probably had enough of spending time with people who are fake – might as well just spend…

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