You have always been connected

Love's Beginning

You can feel tension between people. You can feel the edges of personalities and the back and forth of the struggle for dominance, the struggle to be noticed, the struggle to be accepted. You can feel the back and forth struggle of ones that don’t know they are fully accepted and loved right now. You can recognize your separate-self-identity there, too.

Separate wills, separate identities want to present facades, to control and protect. Any tension you feel is about this. You can feel it active in yourself and in others, but now is the time to let it all go and to assist others in their own letting-go processes.

By contrast, you can feel Divine Will–your true and harmonic will–that shows up through you simply and in connection to others. When Divine Will is guiding you, you are not handling others. You are not dominating them, not obeying them. You…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.