Intense Energies from The Cosmos ~ Triggers and Fears ~ November 16, 2018

Rose Rambles...

By Jenny Schiltz

How are you doing in these energies? One client described her experiences as receiving a cosmic slap from the universe. It can certainly feel that way. What is happening is that whatever is keeping us from our highest potential has gotten really loud. It could no longer be ignored. (Well it can, but it will continue to hurt.)

More light is on the planet than we have ever felt before. It assists greatly with the clearing that is taking place. However, before something can leave we have to see the why behind it. If you are having fears our even scenarios come up in your life that are triggering you ask yourself these questions:

  • Why is this triggering me?
  • What is the base fear being revealed?
  • What pattern in my life is being exposed?
  • Lastly and this can be hard to see: What am I getting from…

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