Satellites – Gabriel RL ~ November 15, 2018

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Editor’sNote: Anyone experienced “downtime” for their communications systems? ALL of the major Internet carriers have experience being “down” for a few hours, in here and there locations. This is a great explanation for something large that is about to pop! Please read, know why you are experiencing what you are experiencing, and…



Satellites. By Gabriel RL.

There is a movement in the Planet’s communication systems, some satellite systems are being accessed and reconfigured by the Light Forces.

Same happen with other systems related to communication. Some changes in the Radio, TV, Telephone, Internet and other signals can be affected with small “problems”due to these adjustments.

The Forces of Light are indeed advancing and NOTHING will stop this intense movement.

Some satellites are being deactivated and others are replacing them. Track settings are also being modified.

Do not be alarmed if strange situations happen in these particular devices.

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