Mercury Retrograde Healing RX – Key Revelations & Breakthroughs Possible ~ November 15, 2018

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By Selacia

In our last Mercury Retrograde of the year is a bonus you might not expect. Yes, we’ll have the usual sensation of slow down and interruptions of communications. However this particular retrograde can be a significant gift because of how it can catalyze life review and letting go of old energies. Think of this is a mega healing RX for the stuck places in your life and for shifting difficult relationships. Between November 16 and December 6, in fact, you could discover a whole new “you” that’s ready to be birthed just in time for 2019! Continue reading for examples and how to best work with these energies.

Mercury Retrograde Nov 16 to Dec 6

Firstly, 3-week Mercury Retrogrades are always an excellent opportunity to reflect on your status quo and where you want to be headed next. We’ve already had two of these cycles this year. This…

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