THE MISSION PODCASTS | Become the Best Version of Yourself – 13 Ways to Reach Your Potential – 11-14-18

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1) Be ready to shred your old self completely.

Becoming the best version of yourself means that you’re going to move away from where you are, so you must be willing to shred your old self. When you’re raising your own bar, you’re essentially creating a gap between you and people around you. Your old self is going to resist that — don’t let the resistance get its way.

Let go of certainty and embrace uncertainty instead. Nothing is certain, after all. The earlier you realize this, the more you can improve.

2)Acknowledge your fear. Then, tame it like amaster.

Most people are unable to even take action because of fear. Don’t let it limit you. Admit that you’re fearful, but proceed anyway. Anyone who say he has no fear is not telling you the full…

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