Aluna Ash: Starseeds & Lightworkers- Purging, Age Groups 11/9 + 11-11 Rainbow Wave Timeline. Twinsouls 11/9

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These are particularly pertinent messages from Aluna. There’s some great information that will help us understand and adjust to what we’re experiencing, and why. She also explains what’s going on in the world, and how not to be caught up in the illusion that’s being projected at us to divide us. ~PB

Starseeds & Lightworkers- Purging, Age Groups 11/9

Published on Nov 8, 2018

Thank you to the ones who are here with pure intent, encouraging others & speaking your truth without creating more division… Ive noticed Divine Feminines rising in every way right now and because of that- being attacked/gas lighted by the Masculine 3D archetype. Its not the person attacking you, slandering, gossiping, judging, etc… its the darkness attached to them or the darkness within them. And right now you will see the darkness with full transparency. STAY STRONG & FOCUS ON YOUR PATH…

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