A Message to Lightworkers – November 9, 2018 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Forever Unlimited

Greetings, Beautiful Being!

We send higher Light and Love to all in California now — those fleeing the fires, those fighting them, and those mourning the loss of loved ones.

We also send energies of new life, renewal, and rebirth to the burnt areas, and Love to all animal and planet life having to struggle to maintain their natural cycles in the midst of all this.

The Collective speak to us today on these themes — of feeling that things are out of control some days, and the feeling many of us get at times, of wondering if anyone in the higher realms hears our pleas for assistance.

If you have trouble with any part of their answer, sit down for some quiet time with your Spirit team, and demand some clarity and explanation that is best suited to your individual path.

We must all be so constantly requiring higher wisdom for…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.