Trust… listen.. ..b r e a t h e ..

Forever Unlimited

The days grow short as we spiral through spacetime on this blue-green jewel, at times bumping along in the dark, other times experiencing such sparkling clarity…Such is life, it ebbs and flows…

Ride the waves when you can catch them, tread water when you can’t..

Forget the noise…b r e a t h e …focus on the NOW…affirm “All Is Well” -even when it isn’t!

See beyond, to the bigger picture of your inner vision. You can’t figure it out or think your way around it any more, you’ve got to feel your way through now, that’s the key.

Then find the love, focus, expand it into your NOW. Let it warm the long winter nights.

Trust…listen…. b r e a t h e ..

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.