New Moon Monthly Report Nov 2018, 1 of 4

Tom So Calm

New Moon Monthly Report
November 7 – December 6, 2018
Note: Times shown are Pacific Standard Time (PST), please adjust times according to your time zone.

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Welcome to the New Moon monthly report which is still in the experimental stage. Initially, I planned on putting the entire month in one report, then it got too long, so I am breaking it up into 4 segments, one for each Quarter. So you can view one at a time at the start of each Quarter.

The written portion of this report, which you can find on my weblog, contains the aspects for the entire month, which follows the basic idea I am trying to do which is to give folks a full month view starting with the New Moon. I will include stuff about politics in other videos.

I am also devoting more time to work with clients and…

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