The Light Triumphs! ~ November 4, 2018 …MUST READ!!

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Editor’s Note: My friends, the following piece boils all the news filtering out through the Alternative News on the Internet into a single article that speaks nothing but the truth. As you are aware (or maybe you need to be if “new” on the spiritual scene), humanity is being involved in global war.

What is being contested over so heavily right NOW? Human consciousness is the prize item … the way humans think and feel is up for grabs between the light and dark. Of course light will win this battle (it always does), but not without a few skirmishes  here on Earth between the dark cabal and the Light (think Alliance).

Also be aware that all happens in the “NOW” where higher dimensions exist, but Earth is currently a 3D planet where “time” is installed. What we are witnessing “now” is a moment in “time” where Earth is at…

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