Venus/Inanna Diary: Venus as Libra Meta Goddess


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A Call to Move forth as a Collective as The Divine Feminine’s Boots on The Ground for Change

As Venus moves from previous cycles of Aries and Leo archetypes which assisted the Divine Feminine to regain her Power and Sovereignity into Libra archetype , the focus now changes to social interaction and relatedness based on principles of Harmony, Balance and Fairness.

What intentions are you setting for this new cycle of Venus ,which as the representative of the Divine Feminine begins a New Cycle as the LIBRA archetype that will Now begin to integrate into the collective psyche of humanity.

The Divine Feminine has, for the past few years especially, intensified her revolt against the tyranny of the Patriarchal regime. The Venus Leo and Aries archetypes lent support to her as she broke the shackles of confignment , shame, guilt and silence to embrace courage, strength, power to unite…

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