Kp Message 11-4-18, early AM… “Extremely Challenging Time”

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I’m experiencing an extremely challenging time getting to sleep right now. A second phase of the journey is soon to begin, and I’m quite sure I’m feeling at least a part of the “intensity” of that phase right now.

It is definitely a major “cycle completion” for the planet (and for myself), in one way or another. And it is definitely connected with others who are also energetically “doing their thing” for “completing the cycle”.

Occasionally I am brought face to face with the fact that most people I am around (at my current location) have no idea what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. And that’s OK. But I’m not always feeling “comfortable” about it.

Yet there’s always a point where I just have to set all that aside and take aim for the place I am to go and just do what I need to do to…

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