Emmanuel Dagher: Healing for the Ages – November Energy Forecast

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Emmanuel Dagher: Healing for the Ages
– November Energy Forecast

My friend,

Thank you for meeting with me again in this way. Your presence is felt and deeply honored.

When we check in with ourselves on a Soul level, there is a part of us that already knows exactly what is about to be revealed to us in this Energy Forecast.

For a while now, the forecasts have revealed to us how the Divine Feminine is pouring Herself into the heart and mind of every living, breathing being in existence.

Our mind would like to think that it’s only happening to our planet, since that is what immediately impacts us the most. However, our Spirit knows that the resurgence of the Divine Feminine is touching every facet of existence.

The Healing of the Masculine

One of the most important roles for the Divine Feminine in the third dimension is to…

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