November’s Energies – Awakening To Remembering

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November’s Energies
New Video & Writings to activate, support and assist…

Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!
Tomorrow I’ll be sending out a an in-depth sharing… on the/your/our Multi-Dimensional Heart awakening process in a way I’ve never shared before… We have another Divine Sacred Union Passageway that has just opened…. and there’s no way for me to share with just a few words here….For today, I’m including my newest Video regarding just a small portion of the Energetics we are currently in…. Since all occurs on a Quantum and Multi-Dimensional Level…. all is vast and “not always so visible” unless fully connected inside as all occurs. I remember last year, how each day in November was an activation of “more new”. Seems we’ve started off this way again …. so in order to share as we flow… I’m breaking this down into several posts, emails and videos….

Divine Union and Full Alignment is a deeply Sacred Experience… and it occurs within each one of us as we evolve AS LIGHT…. The fact that we are deep in Venus Transit, which focuses on our relationship to/with all…. it’s no surprise at how these activations and Light Codes are coming through and all is unfolding progressionally….

October was a huge month of resolving identities to all, with November focused on re-defining our relationships through Purity Love Consciousness…. which starts/begins/occurs deep within us all.

I know for me, it’s been really looking at my own patterns and my own roles in relationships and shifting all to a much higher state of consciousness than before.  This means bringing more balance to all. It means identifying distortions and completing our old purposes/roles and shifting them to all new ones, very different than before.

This will correlate to our relationship with our selves, things and each other, to OUR HUmaNITY and all.  Each Dimension/Level of Consciousness… our relationship with all changes, morphs and evolves….

As with each UP-LEVELING and UP-SHIFT, it’s sometimes challenging and beautiful all at the same time. To see the deep programming held and to consciously clear it, dissolve it, dissipate it… and embrace our “new”… open, ready and anchoring through the various ways that we do this as LOVE. To HOLD our Light and to KNOW and allow all to align (or to align it consciously ourselves)… it’s important for us all.  To work with the Energetics on a Quantum Level… makes all of the difference in HOW we experience all. A few days ago the Gateways started opening… and they continue daily since… Divine Quantum Flow is a part of this process… as well as identifying and releasing/resolving/letting go of that which is no longer able to fully (and easily) vibrationally align….

See below for the newest Light Encoded Activation Articles too. ♥

The writing on this will be emailed out tomorrow to all who receive these newsletters and Love. We are again in this passageway now… a vaster collective one this time…. ♥


Magical Blessings and immense Love from Kauai,

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