Anita Moorjani: The Power of Living Your Purpose

Why Empathetic People Need to Embrace their Ego

By UPLIFT on Thursday March 29th, 2018

Courtesy of UpliftWhen Anita Moorjani died she realised she’d been living her life all wrong. Taught from a young age to shun her ego and ambitions, it wasn’t until her near death experience that she finally learnt the importance of ego. Empathetic and sensitive people naturally shy away from ego and limelight, but Anita says they’re exactly the type of people that need to embrace the ego.

When the sensitive amongst us, when the conscious among us, when the empathic among us are all afraid to take leadership positions, the leadership in our world gets taken by the foolish, the narcissistic. Please continue reading

 Source: Anita Moorjani: The Power of Living Your Purpose

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