What’s this peace thing you keep talking about?

Tapas For Your Soul

Almost two years ago now, I had a major moment. Life changing.

It didn’t come with a trumpet fanfare nor an angelic chord.

It wasn’t in some glamorous place after a bunch of soul searching.

It was in a coffee shop in SoCal talking to my sister.

I was telling her about some changes I had made in my lifestyle. She said I seemed different, and she wanted to know all about it, because, you know, she loves me and was interested. It was the first time I’d talked about it out loud.

Sometimes I learn what I’m thinking by talking.

I told her that the best thing was that my mind was quiet. Just quiet. There wasn’t a lot of bickering and bantering going on. Should I or shouldn’t I. Endlessly debating a decision and feeling guilty in advance then berating myself.

I hadn’t even known that was my…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.